Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Last Post.

It has been kind of a funny process creating and writing on this blog. I learned so much about others, the process of getting a job, and (most importantly) myself. I recently got a job (the details of which are not very important), and I really have to thank this blog and all the people who read it for helping me the most.

This was started as a diary or journal so I could look back and say, "Oh wow, I remember applying for that job," or "The HR lady was a huge bitch at that company. I'm sorry I sent my resume on the day her boyfriend dumped her." Then, people started reading it. Then, people started helping. Then, I was really making progress. To look back and say I got a job in about 3 months is pretty awesome. 

I didn't even know I wanted to go into marketing. My close friends vividly remember my unreal complaining about a marketing class I took. I had no idea one could teach about what others like (and I'm still fairly skeptical.) I wanted to come to college to learn concrete information, so I switched to become an Accounting major. I definitely know a lot more about numbers and taxes, but there is no way in hell I would ever choose to sit in a cubicle pumping out tax returns for the rest of my life. Coincidentally, this blog made me realize that I like getting people's attention; not towards me personally, but towards something I have done. 

As I learned I loved writing and marketing, I also learned that I had no idea how helpful people could be. People I met drunk one time back in 2004 were giving me advice and letting me know what worked for them. Ex-girlfriends of friends I haven't seen in 5 or 6 years were reaching out to me on Facebook. Friends I had spent one night with in a mountain house 3 or 4 years ago were helping me design a resume. I was gaining all these delightful little insights about how others had earned jobs, and all it did was help me expedite this whole process. I now feel like an expert on resumes and cover letters after all the help I've received, and I got in touch with so many people I never should have, but only because my friends were hooking me up with email addresses and names. I have gained so much respect for those that went out of their way to help in any way, so, to everyone that helped, I cannot thank you enough. Even if what you helped with did not get me a job, it helped me learn something. 

This process has had plenty of ups and downs, and I have wanted to make my computer a frisbee on multiple occasions, but this has helped so much in this job search. It helped me see that people are pretty responsive, and they like to help if they can. After seeing how nice people have been, I really want to make sure that I portray myself as an amiable and helpful person. Maybe it is part of the evolution of maturity, but I feel like I have grown up a lot during this process. 

What's my next step? Waiting to help the next Bubba who needs help finding a job. 

Thank you for reading...