Thursday, March 8, 2012

I am still here.

I would like to personally thank Monster for my survival,
and Instagram for being awesome.
I haven't had a huge desire to post lately, mainly because I have been working on a few other things. I have been helping a consulting and management company write the content for their website. It is quite the task making sure everything is worded correctly. I love writing, so it is kind of cool getting a blank canvas to work with, but it is decently hard work making sure it is clear, concise, detailed, and not repetitive.

Because I have been working on that alongside working for actual money for survival means, I haven't had quite the time I have wanted. When I was in college it seemed like time moved so slow; I couldn't wait for the weekend or Spring Break or for finals to be over, but now it is like I cannot possibly move fast enough. There is not enough time in the day for me to get everything I want accomplished. Life is difficult, ey?

I have been checking out some firms around town trying to find any connections I can possibly find. If you know of anyone who works at a marketing or advertising firm around Charleston, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Email me, leave a comment, facebook me, call me, tweet at me, send a smoke signal, or throw something at me. I really want to just speak with people and see if they know of anything or anyone that can help.

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