Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Walking My Blog

After weeks of unpaid (albeit self-imposed) slavery, headaches, frustration, and (more optimistically) self-discovery, I have finally scored an interview. I am obviously pumped about it, but I feel far different about this interview than I have about any interview in the past.

60 second shutter speed of a kaleidescope
laser on my ceiling. Neato.
How do you possibly sell yourself on a job if you don’t want it? I look back to my old interviews and wonder what I was thinking; I truly believe I said and did all the right things and looked the part, but I can look back upon those interviews now and say that I was probably scrambling for answers because they were for jobs I really did not want. Tomorrow I will not be scrambling. How can I? I have written about what I want and why for going on seven weeks now, all the while gaining delightful little insights on the marketing industry and job hunting skills as I have meandered along this path. I feel infinitely more confident about an interview, and I also know what I want out of this situation.

Optimistic? Yes. Realistic? As usual. I realize that this interview can go a number of directions, but having someone call me virtually out of the blue saying they would like to interview me will be just fine with me. Even if I don’t get the job, I hope I can gain something from the interview. Is this the beginning of the end of the blog??? I hope so...I gotta get paid.


  1. Good luck, Bubba! You'll rock the interview!

  2. Well i gave you some misc office work yesterday, since I know how detailed you are and how helpful you could be to my company. Hopefully i can expand my business and offer you a position, but I am sure you will be hired before i get that chance.

    Good luck...