Friday, February 3, 2012

Marvin's Post

This week has been an incredibly frustrating and tumultuous week, but in some aspects hitting those low points almost gives you greater perspective for seeing your end goals. Along with job searching, I have had a couple one-man 'Come to Jesus' meetings to think about what I really want out of all of this. To help figure out where I am (I get confused a lot), I contacted an old professor to get his take on everything.

This is a professor I very much respect; he and his class got me out of my one track accounting mind way of thinking and into a more big picture way of thinking. He has a doctorate in management, and after asking how and why he got into that profession he responded that he was just so intrigued by how businesses ran that he had to know more. He said that the one thing he regretted (and this may not be the most appropriate word) was that his career will be too short for what he wants to have accomplished. Because of this very statement, I want to do whatever I can do to get into marketing. I need to get rid of ANY limits I have set for myself and figure out how to get into the industry now; it is just plain and simply what I want to do.

Why do I listen to this professor if he isn't even a marketing professor? Because he enjoys what he does and he is passionate about it. I can't take advice from someone who makes a bunch of money and is 'successful;' I have to listen to the people who love what they do. I have never imagined myself as a person who will clock out at 5pm and just shut down my working brain; that has never been how my head works. I will absolutely be in a job in which I am constantly figuring out and thinking about ways to get better at what I do. I am UNBELIEVABLY intrigued by what people like and why they like it, so I will be working my way into the marketing field just like my professor worked his way into the management field.

You may have noticed I haven't been posting everyday this week. Surprise: I have a life in which I must provide shelter and nutrition (questionable...) for myself as well. One thing I have noticed with this search is that it is constantly changing little by little. At one point, I was looking for finance jobs, the next I'm pimping the blog. Several days this week I ran out of time before work and could not post. I will be focusing a touch less on the consistency of this blog in favor of more quality posts several times a week. Posting everyday does attract people, but I'd rather get a job. Job > Blog.

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