Monday, February 6, 2012


Aren't people just the craziest? I never knew so many people were New York Giants or New England Patriots fans. Funny how no one says one word about those teams all year then magically become fans just in time to suddenly scream at the success or failure of their 'team's' plays during the Super Bowl.

It got me thinking about why people are so responsive to and passionate about things...

You think about why people follow things; people just love stories. They like to follow the journey and story created by almost anything: Snooki, a redneck kid from South Carolina looking for a job in marketing, or Eli Manning. In the end, is marketing any more than just writing a story or movie script?

I hope that a few things work out and I will get to do some social media marketing for a local company. My people still have to talk to their people, but it would provide a pretty blank canvas in which I could garner some interest, not to mention I could put it on the resume!

I hope to be able to do that, because I've already come up with some fairly interesting ideas for it. I don't think marketing is always just about the products, but it is more about getting people to recognize and remember what happened in the marketing so they can become familiar with a company easier throughout a campaign. (NERD ALERT) I really look forward to working on facebook.

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