Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I can ollie.

Yesterday was one of those days you think about when you are looking for jobs: wake up, struggle to get out of bed, feel unfathomable amounts of frustration and exhaustion, and struggle to get any substantial tangible work done.

I knew these days would happen, but they are the worst when they come. I sat in front of my computer screen listening to the music my friends make fun of me for and got very little done outside of emailing a few people back, and even that took all of my brain power to not spit out electronic garbage for words.

I talked to a friend for a while and, after the fact, I realized this is all just a complete test of patience. I can't go to the library for 3,000 straight days and not expect to become frustrated. I have spent at least several hours a day for the better part of a month straight doing something whether it be working on a resume, cover letter, responding to contacts, or sending my resume and cover letters into the vacuous void known as an online job application. (Has anyone ever been hired after just applying online? Seriously, I would love to know...leave a comment or facebook me or something.) I rarely get to hang out with friends seeing as I work on the nights when every other human on the planet (hyperbole) gets to hang out, so if I don't get something done one day...whatevs.

Today I set my goals back a little bit and focused more on responding to a couple people, making sure I was happy with that 'all-purpose' resume that is more general for instances like sending it to someone who wants to pass it along, and looking into a few more companies that have openings.

I can't just go 100% all the time and not expect to burn out. It's not like I need to go on a zen quest for a week and relax my soul, but I do need to chill sometimes. I'm just a human.

This video is most of what I got done yesterday. A little physical activity never hurt anyone.

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