Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What Happened?

No time to shave; must find job
Having been at the library a LOT lately, I have really been noticing the students and their habits inside the library. It got me thinking: what are these kids going to do for jobs? Why am I looking for a job?

This is just my personal opinion FYI. I think the culture of the world today is just different than it was throughout the past 50 or so years. College degrees used to be an accomplishment. They still are, but they certainly don't hold the weight they used to. I think about my path that led me here today: ritzy private high school education --> automatically went to college without much thought of any other option --> graduated with no idea of what I wanted to do.

I could write all day about what I did, but here is what I should have done: I should have either taken time off to figure out what I wanted to do, or gotten unbelievably involved with as many things as possible while in school to figure out what I wanted to do. I really believe that college has become a time for people to attend 'Camp College' and amass stories about drinking and hilarious situations. Believe is, but I wish I had taken advantage of more opportunities when I had the flexibility to. I have a select few friends who I watched take advantage of college, and I sit in utter jealousy here today of what they did. Work for free now? Unlikely seeing as I have to feed myself. Work for free then? Sweet fancy moses I wish I had taken a different internship once I realized I wasn't totally interested in mine. That's what they're for aren't they? I had no gauge on the gravity of the situation come graduation; it was like a giant what now?

So now, having been through the trenches of finding out what I want to do, hitting a personally set rock bottom, and now having the motivation to climb out of this self-created hole, I do what I should have done long ago: talk to as many people as humanly possible about what I want to do. If you don't have a job, or you are still in school, I highly recommend reaching out to someone in a field you think you may enjoy. They may turn you on to that field or make you realize you don't like it. I now know exactly what I want to do, and I await the day when I go to Olive Garden to celebrate my promotion to the real world.

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