Thursday, January 5, 2012

Unauthorized Autobiography

Maybe just a few words about myself and why I am writing here, just in case all 6 people who may read this want to know the background of this fantastic voyage.

I am a 25 year old named Bubba (this is 3 year old Bubba over here with the balloons.) I am about the last person you would ever expect to be named Bubba. Ever. I play bass guitar in several bands, I love to surf, and I really don't like long walks on the beach unless there is a particular destination because you can feel, hear, and see the awkwardness when a person or group of people decide it is time to make "the awkward turnaround" at the mid-point of their infamous long walk on the beach.

I graduated from College of Charleston in the Spring of 2009 after 5 glorious years, earning a major in Accounting and a minor in Spanish. I did a study abroad program in 2007 in Santiago, Chile which was an eye opening experience as I really left Charleston for the first time.

As I progressed through school, I really did not give much thought to what would happen after school. As an immature college student, I was really focused on making good grades and making money I could spend on the weekends. I worked all through school after I retired from the Golf team at C of C, but I only had one job that had any sort of substantial experience in a possible career field. Looking back, the professors did an ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE job of portraying how the real world works and how to get where you want to be. My accounting professors had their heads so far up their figurative accounting asses that they were incapable of seeing what happens in a real world situation outside of academia. Obviously, they are not to blame seeing as I am responsible for virtually everything in my life, however, they did all of nothing to help. It did not help at all that I became somewhat of an outcast in accounting classes after I was wrongly accused of cheating by a professor, who coincidentally was recently fired by the College (Karma's a whore isn't she Doc?)

From there on out, I took a job at a restaurant because I needed money, and proceeded to very half-assedly (there can't be a good way to spell this) look for jobs. I had a bunch of interviews and I applied for tons of jobs, but I was always on the outside looking in, not making my best effort in hindsight. Fast forward a couple years........

I decided in the middle of last year I needed to get off my ass and find a job soon, or I would slowly fade away into a self-created vacuous hole in the service industry of Charleston. I love working in a restaurant; I have learned more about talking to people than I ever could in another field, and I will look back on it fondly, but I am not content waiting tables...there is nowhere to progress, in my mind at least. So, I looked at a few fields and decided banking would be a good fit for me because I am really good with numbers and I can talk to a very wide variety of people. I got an interview through some connections for a position at TD Bank as a part-time teller.

Let's talk about this interview. I thought with my education that I would certainly get this job. The first interview went unbelievably well. Within the first 2 minutes of the final interview, this branch manager is telling me about the management program at BB&T. In my head I could think none other than, "You can't be f*^%ing serious telling me that you are going to hire that extremely nervous girl for a customer service position that is literally rocking in nervousness in the lobby over me are you?" Being 'overqualified,' along with having a good friend of mine in town to open my eyes later that weekend, made me decide I had to leave Charleston. I have come to the conclusion that if you are never uncomfortable, you are never progressing. I am REALLY comfortable here. (BTW...I'm in no way overqualified for an entry level position at a bank and I really disagree with why I wasn't hired. I was hired as a glorified bus boy at the restaurant I work at after obtaining a college degree. No job is above me.)

So, I really want to move to New York. My sister is there, one of my closest friends is there, and 3 or 4 other verrrry good friends are there. I will look at jobs elsewhere because it would be stupid not to, but my goal is to get to NYC. I was going to write my progress down just so I could look back and see what I have accomplished, but then I decided, why not make it entertaining? I hope people read this, because I need all the help I can get. I will do stupid things, I will say stupid things, I will make mistakes, I will get frustrated, but I am not stopping until I am out of a restaurant and wearing man-shoes instead of skate shoes. I am like the Creed of job hunters; only positivity. I will greet my job with arms wide open.

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