Thursday, January 19, 2012

Starting to get noticed....

Vans on blogs.
This really is a job. After working until midnight last night at the restaurant, I woke up with absolutely no desire to go sit in front of a computer screen for hours on end at a library with a bunch of bright-eyed and eager college kids waltzing around me thinking they are busy with homework and studying I only wish I could return to. (If you can't see the jealousy rising out of your computer screen, you are blind...bring me a small time machine and I'll show you how clear hindsight really is.) But fortunately for capitalism, jobs do not just rain from the I return again to spread the word so I can prove my worth to a potential employer. I think it is really important that I consistently do at least something every single day. Proving that I do have the motivation to put decent clothes on, make my way to the library, do some work, and write about it is one of the most important things I can prove to a future employer.

This blog is and will be my proof. One thought I have been referencing a ton lately is that people respond to facts and data far more than they respond to abstract thought. It is nearly impossible to refute empirical data. When met with a troublesome guest at the restaurant, I usually state the facts and allow the guest to determine the right course for solving the problem as I use my judgement to determine if that is a possible scenario. I take the decision making out of my hands and give it to them to not only diffuse the situation, but to take wrongful blame out of the equation. This allows us to start over with a completely new scenario. By applying this same tactic to my job search, I have begun to compile data exposing who I am and what I am capable of. I can tell you how awesome I am all day everyday, but until you see substantiated reasons as to why for yourself, my words carry about as much weight as the career I currently hold in my hands.

I am starting to get in touch with people that really matter. Expanding the viewership of this blog is consistently on my mind, whether I am writing blog posts, writing cover letters, or serving food. I have reached out to several different people so that my message can be on several different mediums. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment or reach out to me. I am really excited about several opportunities that have been presented to me. None of them are jobs, but they could certainly lead to them. Small victories lead to big victories.

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