Thursday, January 26, 2012

Some People Grew Up Tap-Dancing, I Learned to Play Guitar

Think of all the people you have known that have played in bands or seriously played an instrument....

....they typically aren't the cookie cutter types are they?

My previous career as a rockstar.
Music Farm circa 2005.
Now imagine throwing 4 or 5 of those VERY different people in a group together and trying to make quality and cohesive music that will at the very least appease likely intoxicated 'fans.' It is not the easiest thing on the planet. The reason I think of this is because I want to work in a very creative environment, and I was imagining some of the different types of people I could encounter and how being in bands for the better part of the past decade has prepared me for working with completely different personalities to achieve particular goals.

Every band I have ever been in has bickered. I am still friends with everyone, but we inevitably disagreed on some sort of creative idea at some point. Everyone has their knowledge of music, ideas of what people want to hear, and what they are good at writing, and since no two people are alike you can imagine the potential for disagreement. I like to use this to my advantage. My friend Nick and I often like writing music together. We like very different music and we write very different music, but somehow we always bounce ideas off of each other until it becomes a hybrid of exactly what we want. The final product always comes out better after we have consulted with each other. I think these same principles will apply in the marketing and advertising world.

I will never be an all-knowing source of marketing and advertising information, nor will anyone else, but through working with a team of ultra-creative people, I can only imagine that the sky will look like a limit for antiquated ideas.

My sister from another mister, Carrie Burris, wanted me to mention her in a post. She gets REALLY excited about the possibility of being mentioned. So, here you are, little Carrie.

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