Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Library is Slowly Getting More Populate

People are very interesting. It seems like each day I go on, people become more and more interesting to me. Some people get frustrated with others and fight them, some argue, some laugh, but I just get so intrigued by people's reactions. Something so simple as an idea triggers all these crazy responses and emotions from others. Why do I say this?

For starters, some people are critical of the manner of this job search. Some people do not think that being this informal out in the open helps my chances of getting an opportunity at a job. Let me ask this question: would I really want to work for someone who found this blog offensive? I have always become nearly best friends with all of my co-workers, so if someone really didn't think a blog showing proof of work and ideas in a clever and entertaining manner was a tactful idea, I kind of think that maybe we wouldn't get along anyway. Am I shooting myself in the foot? Possibly. But I'd rather be hired for being myself than acting. I don't feel like anyone shies away from honesty.

Some people are also critical of my desire to move to New York as opposed to somewhere else. I would consider opportunities elsewhere, but I really want to move to NY. When I go out to eat with friends, and someone orders the least healthy item on the menu, I don't interject with, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? THAT IS SO UNHEALTHY!" I obviously let them make their own decisions and let the consequences of those decisions play out. I want to move to New York. I like the city. Having had an excess of humidity my entire life, I'm ready to make a snowman. There are a lot of opportunities there. What more is there to say?

Another aspect of people being interesting to me is totally encompassed in the entire application process. Did I submit my cover letter/resume combo immediately after the girl in HR who processes applications got dumped by her boyfriend via text? Because that would be very unfavorable for me...and her I suppose. Did my cover letter get read by a hiring manager who was in a good mood after seeing a funny youtube video of a dog speaking English inquiring in reference to bacon, "Yeh? The maple kind?" I'd like to think my chances would be greater after that. (Maybe I'll start off email or application with a link to the panda sneezing video...its only like 15 seconds long and no one hates it.)

I guess it's probably something that I overanalyze, but I believe that to be the reality of the situation. People get jobs from being in the right place at the right time, and I whole-heartedly believe that. So, I need to figure out how to get people to get into that state of mind just by reading my cover letter. That's the first thing they see, right? So I need to sell myself better and more efficiently in like 500 words or less. Beard of Zeus that sounds difficult.

Picture of the Day
I found a friend in the library! This is Justin Hare, the Youth Minister at St. Michael's Church. He and I played a TON of golf together growing up, and we used to dominate high school golf back in the day. We won a bunch of state championships, but more importantly, we looked really good doing it.

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  1. I also was part of that golf team that just crushed it. Cheers and I hope NY works out