Monday, January 23, 2012

Job Getting with QR Codes

Saw my friend Gray at the library on Saturday.
We didn't know it would take 4 pictures.
This weekend was actually fairly productive. I came to the library on Saturday to try to get some ideas for the new and improved resume design. I bought this graphics editing software called Pixelmator from the Mac App store and have used it to edit some of the photos for the stop motion video, but I've been trying to figure it out so I could design my resume as well. After 2 days of doing some awkward figurative dance moves with this software, I would like to think we have become pretty decent friends. I spent about 7 or 8 hours on my resume yesterday coming up with the design and making sure spacing and colors and everything were perfect. It took a while to get comfortable with the program seeing as it doesn't just create you a resume template just like Microsoft Word does for everyone else, but it seems worth it after seeing the final product.

QR Code, get me a job. Go.
I added one very interesting thing to my resume yesterday: a QR code. I recently downloaded and read the "Handbook for the Recently Unemployed" available at, and it had some incredibly interesting things in it with the addition of the QR code being in one article. (If you are looking for a job, I highly recommend heading to Huntsy and checking it out. The site should be up soon, and the Handbook has down to earth articles about what to do to enhance your chances at getting noticed and getting a job.) All I can do is think about what I would do if I saw one of these things on a resume; I would wonder why the hell someone would put one on there, would immediately download a scanner app, and follow the link to see where it would take me. Well, it leads you here, a transparent look into my life, skills, and thoughts, so I'm hoping some unsuspecting person in New York reads this and is intrigued enough to get in touch with me. I have to thank the guys at Huntsy for hooking me up with this handbook; it really had some awesome ideas like this one and many others. It really inspired me to redesign my resume.

After getting the resume all set and checked out by Melyssa, the girl with whom I was chatting on Friday, I wrote a cover letter and applied for a social media marketing job at an awesome Ad Agency in New York that just happened to be named the Ad Agency of the year. I feel good about it for some reason. Obviously, there are tons of qualified candidates out there, I just happen to know that it is something I would love to do and I'm positive I would be awesome at it. But, the rest is up to them, and that is why it is called job getting hunting.

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