Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Holy Blog Hits

The past 24 hours have been absolutely crazy.

I deactivated my Facebook account late in the summer of 2010. I had not missed it one bit. I always knew it would be there if I ever wanted to be back on it, but I stay in touch with most of my friends anyway. I didn't really care to know that a girl I had Computer Science with my sophomore year is now an Aunt, or any other incredibly awesome trivia such as this theoretical situation. I just had too many friends and too much unimportant information to sift through every time I logged on. But, after starting this blog with the goal of getting the word out as much as possible, I decided to give in and activate once again so that I could reach a bunch of people I haven't been in touch with in a while. I had no idea what was in store when I activated my account yesterday at about 10:30am. I made a post about this blog and it was like a bomb went off.

The response was immediately massive. I thought I would get like 50 hits throughout the day and had a goal of getting 100 hits yesterday. I only had 29 hits on Monday, totaling just under 200 hits, but by the end of the night last night, I had over 500 hits, and I am already over 800 as I type this right now. Only about 700 of them were me. Just kidding, it doesn't track mine. But, WHOA. This is hands down the best feeling I have felt in a very long time. Very. Long. Time.

I have heard from people I never thought I'd ever speak to again. I have heard from friends that I didn't know had jobs or were doing anything with themselves. I've heard from parents of friends. This was literally my goal; to get in touch with as many people as I possibly could just in case somebody can give me some information or advice. I haven't even had time to apply for a job today, and I'm not upset about it. The job market today obviously favors networking over the blind application process. As I asked yesterday, who knows the mood of the person that gets their hands on my resume?

I would first like to thank everyone for spreading the word. Without people reading this and telling others about it, these would only be empty words from the 3rd floor of the C of C library just holding me back from food and beverage induced insanity. But since everyone is reading this, tweeting about it, and making Facebook posts about it, I'm really making progress. With a little help, I set up a meeting tomorrow to meet with the president of a Marketing Research Firm here in town. The level of excitement I have about the opportunity to speak to someone in that field is unfathomable. I can't wait to put on man-shoes for this meeting and not skate shoes. (I'm sure many of you will find this statement very entertaining seeing as I believe I did say in a very immature time of my life that I would never work at a job in which I could not wear Vans.) I'd really like to thank those that have gotten in touch with me to check out my resume, cover letters, give me advice on up and moving to NY, or passed on my resume to others who may be able to help. You know who you are, and your efforts are appreciated to an exponential degree.

Excuse my deep thoughts, but if you know me, you probably know I'm the 'emo' kid (emo being the unfortunate abbreviation for emotional.) You can probably tell, but I think about things...ALL THE TIME. Some call it being over-analytical, but I love to know why things are the way they are. I rarely just stop and accept things. I like to understand the process of how everything came to be, because then I can fully understand if a situation can be improved upon.

Since graduation in May of 2009, I have found myself wondering what would happen to our generation post graduation. I watched a bunch of upper class kids waltz through school, only witnessing a precious few really take full advantage of the situation. After the economy went boom-splat everywhere as my friends and I graduated, I wondered if our country was just in a total readjustment phase. I always thought I would get a great job in Charleston because I was better at golf than most, made good grades, and can talk to people without putting them to sleep. What I've found was that no one gives a (insert bad word here) about my grades, and if I don't work unbelievably hard, I just plain won't get an opportunity to show that I am the coolest and hardest working dude you've ever met. (Take that phrase as you will, but I still think I'm the baddest Mamma Jamma around. If I didn't at least think that, how would I ever get a job?) I became downright jealous of people that did get/earn great jobs.

The outpouring of support for this blog has made me totally change my mind about a lot of things. From July 22, 1986 until December 31, 2011, I was possibly the most cynical, sarcastic, and pessimistic person you have ever met. Maybe not on the outside, but internally I had very little faith in everything else outside of myself. After not getting a job shortly after graduation, I thought I was destined for a career in some extremely mediocre role, and I could only imagine myself at the age of 40 with a beer gut yelling at Bubba Jr. to stop rolling in the mud outside of my trailer. But with 2012 rolling around, I vowed to change the way I think, I got a tiny idea I thought may possibly work, and I found a whole community of people that can totally relate to my situation and are willing to help. These people I was jealous of are the ones who will help me the most, because they have been there and they have found what works and what doesn't. I consistently get made fun of, in a hopefully endearing way, by my friends for having a dry erase board next to my door that reads, "I want to look back at my life a year from today and be happy with where I am, but be much happier and content with what I've accomplished over the last year, 1-1-2012." These 'emo' notes to myself really help, and I highly suggest them.

To be perfectly honest, I don't have a job at all yet (besides serving, caddying, and playing bass in several cover bands...but I'm talking about long term career jobs), but if this keeps up like it has the past few days, it won't be long. In just a couple days, I have this whole new perspective on things. People really are willing to help, but you can't expect handouts. I now understand why I am where I am and I understand why others have been successful. It took me a while to understand these things, but people don't just have things happen to them.

Observations from the 3rd Floor of the Library
Really, Bubba?
So, on a lighter note, rejoining fabo (Facebook) yesterday made me wonder: WHAT WAS I THINKING??? Anyone ever gone back and read old posts or looked at your old pictures? Dear 20 year old Bubba, you can keep the stubble, but please cut your afro, wear some decent clothes, and if you wear your hat backwards, wear it backwards and not cocked to the side. Sincerely, 25 year old Bubba. I would love to jump in my handy dandy time machine and talk to that little boy and see what he was thinking, because clearly he didn't have his head on straight. The picture today, however awful it may be, is a not so subtle reminder to go through your fabo and clean it up. And, if you read this and you are 20 or somewhere thereabouts, don't forget to not look like an idiot. College is for figuring this out, but it doesn't hurt to expedite the process.

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