Thursday, January 12, 2012

Going for an afternoon blog.

I almost feel like an adult today. With the 8 mile soundtrack blaring to pump me up, I put on my big boy suit that Santa accidentally dropped off in early November, my man-shoes, tucked my shirt in, and went to meet with the president of a Marketing Research firm here in town. 

Classy? Duh.
He gave me some really solid advice about the situation I'm in and where I should go from here. I have all but totally ruled out the financial services industry. From all information I have received, it is not an industry that is hiring. I have received advice to basically take a...and I quote..."horrible job for several years" so that I can weasel my way in after a few years when the economy isn't pretending to be Amy Winehouse. I do think I would be great at it, and it is clearly an unbelievable career to be in, but I don't think it is worth it to put in astonishing amounts of time searching for jobs that simply aren't there. Everyone I have talked to about that industry talks about it like it is the bubonic plague. Even a guy from JP Morgan Chase with whom I went to lunch with in a recent trip to NY was just baffled as to why I wanted to work in the industry. This came from a guy making 6 figures. If a job in the financial services industry drops from the heavens into my lap, I'd be happy to work my ass off, but I am going to focus on what I really want to do and what I'm interested and passionate about. I'm only 25 years old. If it takes me a year to be where I want to be...whatever, I'll be 26, not 86.

Step 1 is being in New York, the Mecca for Marketing and Advertising. I have decided this is totally and completely the route I'm going to take. The guy I met with today made a very intriguing statement about how one must create their own narrative. He probably could not tell, but this hit me like a ton of bricks, especially with this blog up and going and a few people reading it. He said, "you have to create your own narrative and make your life follow that narrative." Whoa. Deep. It's funny to think back to my competitive golf days, but I really did know if I was going to play well before I even teed off. I already had the round played in my head, so all I had to do at that point was go do it. Well, now is the perfect opportunity to make this happen. I never realized it was possible to go into the marketing industry with an accounting degree, but I don't have to be boxed into anything. I am good with numbers, analytical, logical, very interested in creating content that people enjoy, I love writing, I am interested in what people like and why they like it, I have incredible good looks, unending amounts of wit and charm, the energy level of a meth addict, and the desire to put all these things to use. So why not this industry?

From here, where shall I go? I have shot off racks on racks on racks of emails at people trying to get some information about what I should be looking into specifically. I'm obviously new at this and want to learn everything I possibly can about it. I hope the help and advice I receive from these people will help me figure out exactly what I should be looking into. The thought of working for a Marketing/Advertising firm in New York sounds about like the coolest thing ever. I want to work for a company in which I can actually make a difference. Who doesn't? I don't care if it takes me a while to make a difference, just having the opportunity to be in that position would be unreal.

It is looking more and more like I will be moving up to New York (hopefully) soon. I can work in a restaurant for a little while to buy myself some time. I'm certain that some members of my family (ahem, Sister) and close friends will think that is a horrible idea, but what's worse: moving to New York, not finding anything, and having to come back home to Charleston, or running on this never-ending treadmill of waiting tables in Charleston? If I need to convince anyone, I'd be very happy to make a lovely Powerpoint presentation demonstrating what I have to lose versus what I have to gain; I can be very convincing. Since I have nothing, I'm good to go.

So for the next little bit: more researching marketing and advertising firms, networking like I have never networked before, more networking, and working on these cover letters. A couple people have given me some awesome advice on these, and I'll be putting in some serious time making myself sound professional and interesting in less than a page, single spaced of course.

This blog is helping a ton, and I want it to continue. Please make sure you come back and read and check everything out. I don't want to get annoying, but obviously I have to post on Facebook and twitter about the blog right now so I can get my name out there. If everyone reading this could please just tell a couple people to read it, or post a link to it on your Fabo or twitter. Working with an army of people is far easier than going at it alone. I hope to get some interesting stuff up on here, and I really want to have a video interview up later this week. If you have any suggestions or comments...SEND THEM TO ME. I'm so open to new ideas its unbelievable.

This over here to the left is my main man Drue. He is happy to bring humor to literally any situation. He  and his brand new wife are nothing more than a pleasure to hang out with. He wanted to stop by and say hello, so naturally he gets a shout out. On the right, we have my transportation for getting all this work done. I can thank Affordabike of Charleston for this machine. It has been nothing but awesome, and very fuel efficient. They even hooked it up with some lights for night-riding. There's also sticker on the bike, and that there is my surf shop, Las Olas. They have provided my clothes for several years, and my man Daniel is always kicking it at the store on upper King Street, so go by, say whatsup, and pick up a legit watch, some sick sunglasses, or snag some high fashion clothing. 

Only one interesting tidbit today from my life outside of searching for a job. Last night at work, I was unbelievably tired and ready to leave as my last table left. Then, a group of 7 ladies came in to drink, and requested a server. I was displeased to say the least, but it is my job, and I do love money. I go over to the ladies and tell them, "My name is Bubba and I will be your server tonight." The ladies then proceeded to start laughing uncontrollably. They told me I looked more like a 'Josh' than anything else, henceforth calling me 'Josh' or 'Joshie' for the rest of the night. Rude? Of course. I could tell the class of 'ladies' they were because I had to explain to them that the restaurant does not allow smoking inside...twice. However, the man with whom I spoke this morning seemed downright fascinated by my name and that I made good grades as an accounting major, can speak spanish, and don't sound like a complete redneck. I suppose it's all about your audience. Here's to hoping I'm off of James Island soon. 

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