Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 3

So today was shorter, but probably more productive. I applied to 17 different jobs today. Let's break that down:

-2 jobs were for phone sales that I do not want, but would consider with a base salary/potential scams
-2 jobs in financial services that I am unbelievably unqualified for at JP Morgan Chase and also Prudential. Only hope I have at these is that I have an accounting degree and hopefully that portrays that I can retain very large amounts of data that is in no way exciting.
-A few other Marketing analyst positions at Experian, Logan, and Open Systems Technologies

The NBC jobs seem neat. I'll leave it at neat because I'm sure they are brutal since they can probably get anyone they want to come work for them, but it would still be neat to work at a place like NBC just in case you meet someone important.

I also emailed a couple dudes I know at PricewaterhouseCoopers and I think the other guy works at Goldman least he used to. One is an auditor and the other an operations analyst. I hope they have some decent advice, because I would seriously doubt that they would have any pull at all. My sister is an Assistant Vice President/Rocket Scientist at Wells Fargo and still doesn't have much pull. Not to mention the entire financial world is basically in a hiring freeze since a bunch of amazingly brilliant people decided to ruin the economy.

I'm sending off these applications as if they will actually do something, but each time I complete one, I fully feel like I just purchased a lotto ticket. Yes, there is a chance, however, if someone at NBC randomly decides to pick up the phone and call a kid named Bubba in Charleston, South Carolina that has worked in a restaurant for two and a half years, it would be a f%^&ing miracle. I'm hoping these people I'm getting in contact with will be much more help.

Side notes for today: parking in Charleston is unreal. I have gotten up from this desk every 55 minutes today to move my car because I parked in a 1 hour residential zone. There are less than 6 cars on Pitt street outside of the C of C library, and there are tickets on almost all of them. Is that really necessary? I can only imagine the honest intrigue I would experience if I encountered a parking enforcement 'officer' writing a ticket for my car. It would be no less than a downright lovely conversation.

On's college graduate website, there is an option to be born in 1887. If I do some simple math, carry the 1, thats 125 years old. I am no rocket scientist, but that seems a little old to be graduating college and/or entering the workforce in the entry level position world. It seems as if some people running shit in this country forget to think. I pray that I am never one of these people. Let us not waste our time doing stupid things for stupid reasons, people.

This picture should take people back to the library days. 2nd floor, far side near Pitt Street, cubbies. In this very spot, I can vividly remember learning Intermediate Accounting near a disgusting homeless man one summer, trying to make David Bixler get off of (throwback reference) and study, and walking by a kid snorting Adderall off of his desk. Oh, memories....


  1. while you are at the library, pick up a book on "how to make a time machine" so we can blast ourselves back to when we were so stressed over finals or ninja turtle speeches, when we chili cheesed and when we were so optimistic about our future.

    (written by you #1 fan and fellow untouchable, I mean, unemployed schmo in NYC)