Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 2

Behold, yesterday was a glorious day indeed! Not really, but that seems like something they would say at Medieval Times. It was fairly productive though. I got in touch with a former professor and a very good friend of mine, Mrs. Hanahan, who has a hookup at Times Inc. and Mr. Hanahan knows Stephen Colbert from growing up in Charleston. That would be unreal, however, it is a touch unrealistic to think anything may happen from it. Low expectations with high levels of effort prevent disappointment; Bert taught me that one.

I've decided any position that says analyst is what I'm looking for. These analyst positions are in every industry I'm looking for including, but not limited to Marketing and PR, Financial Services, and Accounting. I applied for 2 jobs at MTV/Nickelodeon, and McGraw-Hill, and 1 each at 24/7 Real Media, and Capital Markets Placement.

Let's talk about how long it takes to apply for a job. You create an account, upload your resume, then just retype all of your information into the website's poorly designed 'work experience and education' fields. Redundancy may be one of my largest pet peeves. Why would I not just be able to upload a resume, copy and paste a cover letter or something like that, fill out information about myself like I'm white, then click apply. I wonder if it's a test to see if people will fill it out.

One of the jobs I applied for required 3-5 years of experience in an analyst position, I can't remember which one. I put a pretty shit-eating line at the end of my cover letter just to see if I could get someone's attention, because I'm clearly not getting that job unless I just stick out like crazy:

"When you hire someone such as myself, your team or group saves money on salary, while output remains the same. My education and working skills will undoubtedly be an addition to any client service representative team, and my age and position in life bring unbelievable flexibility to the situation. Why not?"

I mean, it can't hurt for a job like that.

Side note: people in the library at C of C when school is not in session are very interesting. There is no one in about 100 seats in this giant room, but this dude comes and sits like 3 seats away from me and is just going to town on his bag lunch at like 10:30am.

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