Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 1

Today is the first day of blogging. I will be doing this to keep track of myself finding a job.

After questionable amounts of caffeine, I made my way through the freezing temperatures to the library on January 3, 2012, the beginning of the end of the beginning. I will be finding a job in which I do not press buttons on a computer screen in order to take food orders to a table. I will not be blamed for the kitchen ruining food anymore, and I will not have people walk out on tabs anymore. I will be paid a salary instead of making ends meet by the dubious art of 'tipping.' I will no longer have to carry golf bags for over-paid and uninteresting golfers. I will no longer give unbelievably correct and appropriate advice, only to watch these golfers do exactly the opposite, fail, and blame their innocent caddie for their misdoing.

But 2012 is the year of positivity!!! And Exclamation points!!! So, what did I accomplish yesterday?

I worked on my resume a good bit focusing on the verbiage in the descriptions of my jobs. It is incredibly difficult to portray your talents without sounding arrogant; being detailed, without being wordy. It still has a touch of work to be done, but it is about 85% of where I think it should be. After that, I created an account with This took....WAY LONGER THAN EXPECTED...but I figure it can't hurt to join. Plus, I had to write a general 'personality statement' which is basically a broad cover letter. I was emailing with friends all day getting tips and advice about this letter and my resume. Everyone always has something very interesting to say. I don't take all of it; if I did, I would have no personality. It is very nice to have people so willing to help the kid who just worked in a restaurant a littl...way the hell too long.

After I finished that, I applied for my first job of 2012! It was for a Marketing position in NYC for a restaurant management company. I think I will apply to a ton of Marketing positions. I think it is something I would be good at. I can do numbers, but think I am a little more colorful than that.

Anyway, that's day 1. Put it in the books. Day 2 here we come.


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