Wednesday, January 18, 2012

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Cole Huggins, skateboarding extraordinaire.
I hope everyone has seen the video...and passed it on to a few friends. I purchased a nice camera a few years ago because I have always loved taking pictures. (The picture to the right is one of my all time favorite shots: a good friend of mine, Cole Huggins, taken Thanksgiving Day a few years ago on top of an empty parking garage.) My room is littered with 8x10's of pictures I have taken over the years, and a local embroidery company even hired me to do the photography for their product catalogue, even placing one of my favorite pictures ever taken on the cover. The company is owned by my parents, but either way it still gets my photography out there. This video was awesome to shoot, even as awkward as it was to be sitting at a desk dead still in the middle of public areas. Big thanks to Matthew Flynn and Will Pearce. Flynn and I did some test runs and wrote the whole script for it, then Flynn took over photography, and we called in Will for some assistance and he was a GIGANTIC help getting the shots done in time. It was a touch under 400 photos and hours upon hours of shooting and editing, so you can imagine how tedious it was, but we are all really happy with how it turned out and are already looking to what we will do next.

Back to the normal job search. I recently sent my friend Skylar (who lives in NY) my resume asking for advice since she is one of the more motivated people I have ever witnessed in my entire life. She knows a ton of people and gave me a list of marketing and advertising firms to look at, and they are some of the coolest looking firms I have ever seen. Going to the websites, I am filled with excitement just imagining myself working in some awesome firm like those she referred me to. I do however, have to scale back on the excitement and focus on making my best effort to portray myself in the best manner. I am positive that everyone that reads this can relate to that experience: going to a company's website and finding a job that is perfect for you. You read and fall in love with the description of the specific job, find out that you meet or almost meet all of the qualifications, love the company and everything it is about, and then reality sets in: you and everyone else have the exact same thoughts, chump. You are then filled with this gigantic fear that you will never beat out all of the other candidates that apply. Then your brain spins into this thought of, "Oh no...I better get used to working in a restaurant. This could take a while. I may actually need to buy some new work shoes if I really am going to be there for a while...maybe shirts too. Ugh." But please recall that this is not 20negative11, this is 20positwelve!!! I really just need to figure out how to get noticed by these companies. It's just like dealing with attracting girls; don't look like an idiot, be yourself, put yourself in the right circumstances, and everything should work out if it is a good fit. I just have to put myself in the right circumstances now...and not look like an idiot.

So I sent off an email to a couple different companies, which took way longer than expected. At this point, I don't want to be put in the trash pile of resumes just because of a poorly worded and unprofessional email. So writing a concise, professional, creative, and interesting email that will get the attention of whomever receives it has become one of the most important and thought out things that I do.

My sister also got me in contact with a friend of hers that works in a talent agency specializing in several different sectors of marketing. These contacts I'm getting in touch with are HUGE, and I'm really hoping my sister's friend will be able to give me some leads or some good quality advice. She works in the industry in NYC, so what better contact could I possibly have?

The more people I talk to, the better chance I have of getting a job. I emailed a girl back today that I have never met and I'd love to explain our relationship just to show how awesome people are: one of my friends from the dorm I lived in freshman year became good friends with another guy from College of Charleston when they roomed together on a semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While I lived in Santiago, Chile, I went over and hung out with them and became pretty good friends with my buddy's roommate. I haven't spoken to him in years, but he reached out to me after seeing the blog, got in touch with his friend who works in marketing in NYC, and she gave me some great advice about LinkedIn and an informed me of an event I should attend in New York coming up soon in February during a week that I think I will be going up there for the weekend. That relationship is fairly random, but it is little things like that that will lead to me finding a job.

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