Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Last Post.

It has been kind of a funny process creating and writing on this blog. I learned so much about others, the process of getting a job, and (most importantly) myself. I recently got a job (the details of which are not very important), and I really have to thank this blog and all the people who read it for helping me the most.

This was started as a diary or journal so I could look back and say, "Oh wow, I remember applying for that job," or "The HR lady was a huge bitch at that company. I'm sorry I sent my resume on the day her boyfriend dumped her." Then, people started reading it. Then, people started helping. Then, I was really making progress. To look back and say I got a job in about 3 months is pretty awesome. 

I didn't even know I wanted to go into marketing. My close friends vividly remember my unreal complaining about a marketing class I took. I had no idea one could teach about what others like (and I'm still fairly skeptical.) I wanted to come to college to learn concrete information, so I switched to become an Accounting major. I definitely know a lot more about numbers and taxes, but there is no way in hell I would ever choose to sit in a cubicle pumping out tax returns for the rest of my life. Coincidentally, this blog made me realize that I like getting people's attention; not towards me personally, but towards something I have done. 

As I learned I loved writing and marketing, I also learned that I had no idea how helpful people could be. People I met drunk one time back in 2004 were giving me advice and letting me know what worked for them. Ex-girlfriends of friends I haven't seen in 5 or 6 years were reaching out to me on Facebook. Friends I had spent one night with in a mountain house 3 or 4 years ago were helping me design a resume. I was gaining all these delightful little insights about how others had earned jobs, and all it did was help me expedite this whole process. I now feel like an expert on resumes and cover letters after all the help I've received, and I got in touch with so many people I never should have, but only because my friends were hooking me up with email addresses and names. I have gained so much respect for those that went out of their way to help in any way, so, to everyone that helped, I cannot thank you enough. Even if what you helped with did not get me a job, it helped me learn something. 

This process has had plenty of ups and downs, and I have wanted to make my computer a frisbee on multiple occasions, but this has helped so much in this job search. It helped me see that people are pretty responsive, and they like to help if they can. After seeing how nice people have been, I really want to make sure that I portray myself as an amiable and helpful person. Maybe it is part of the evolution of maturity, but I feel like I have grown up a lot during this process. 

What's my next step? Waiting to help the next Bubba who needs help finding a job. 

Thank you for reading...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


One day you sit down and love writing about what you are getting done, the next day it seems to be a hassle. For the past little bit it has been more of a hassle than anything else due to other obligations I have deemed more important, but nonetheless I still want to keep this up because it has helped a ton.

I got some part time work basically doing the front end design of a website for a management and consulting firm. The head of the firm is someone I have worked with before, and after reading this blog he asked if I could write the copy for his website seeing as I understand accounting and financially related vocabulary. It has definitely been a learning experience. I know the message I want to convey, I know all the information, but when you are writing something that is so important for the business and is fairly permanent, you need to really make sure that nothing is misconstrued. I have said many things on here that have been misunderstood, and its okay with me, but that can't happen in a professional setting. So, after many revisions and communicating back and forth between the firm and the web designers, I'm finally about to see the finished product. I have definitely learned a ton while doing this.

Charlie bites my fingers.
One of the biggest things I have had to deal with lately is managing my time. I'm still working in the restaurant, caddying, and playing in bands, so I have had to get things done before or after all of these lovely events. I have taken on a role as a sort of manager in the restaurant, so when a neurotic employee decides they no longer want to work and they walk out in the middle of a Friday night, I am responsible for interviewing and hiring a new employee. I like it because I get to make sure the next employee is someone I think I could trust (to not walk out mid-shift), but it is more time consuming to filter through dozens of unbelievable resumes sent through Craigslist and then go through the interviewing process. (Some resumes are absolutely pure entertainment; there were some phenomenal typos.) I also bought my new best friend, Charlie. She has been about the best puppy I could possibly ask for and my friends have been pure angels helping me take care of her. Since I got her, I have almost found it easier to get work done. She is my favorite alarm clock I have ever had, I have to manage my time more efficiently around her very busy schedule, and I can hang out around the house watching her and getting work done simultaneously.

I have also been doing some graphic design work for a couple different people, so I have had my hands full. All of these things have required less going out, waking up earlier, and having more structure in my days. My 21 year old self may not have liked these things, but my 25 and a half year old self really does. Working at night has contributed to a complete lack of structure in my life because I don't have to do anything during the day before I work, but it has made me more unhappy. These random things are tough to get done, but I feel like they will really help me. And if they don't help me get a job, maybe they will just be my job...

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I am still here.

I would like to personally thank Monster for my survival,
and Instagram for being awesome.
I haven't had a huge desire to post lately, mainly because I have been working on a few other things. I have been helping a consulting and management company write the content for their website. It is quite the task making sure everything is worded correctly. I love writing, so it is kind of cool getting a blank canvas to work with, but it is decently hard work making sure it is clear, concise, detailed, and not repetitive.

Because I have been working on that alongside working for actual money for survival means, I haven't had quite the time I have wanted. When I was in college it seemed like time moved so slow; I couldn't wait for the weekend or Spring Break or for finals to be over, but now it is like I cannot possibly move fast enough. There is not enough time in the day for me to get everything I want accomplished. Life is difficult, ey?

I have been checking out some firms around town trying to find any connections I can possibly find. If you know of anyone who works at a marketing or advertising firm around Charleston, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Email me, leave a comment, facebook me, call me, tweet at me, send a smoke signal, or throw something at me. I really want to just speak with people and see if they know of anything or anyone that can help.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Back on the blog.

Sometimes I have wondered whether or not this blog is the best way to help myself find a job. Sometimes I have thought that I may be stepping on figurative toes through the use of sarcasm, humor, and unrelated topics. Does putting my thoughts about whom and what I see at the library really help portray exactly what I want my future employer to see? Is writing about my frustration created from this job search the best way to gain attraction or show value to possible employers? Do I really need to put a video of myself skateboarding?

I have not been posting the past little bit because I have been pondering these questions. After a substantial amount of thought, I have realized that these things are what I want my future employer to know about me: I am human; I am a real person; I do experience real emotions. If a company hires people strictly based on experience listed on a resume, then this blog is likely a little too "out there" for me to be hired . However, if a company hires people based upon who they are as a person, the skills they have, their ability to learn and their ability to work with others, then this blog is the perfect portrayal of who I am and what I have been doing to find a professional career.

I do get frustrated and I do get upset with failure, but I also feel like I have a lot to offer. Want to know what I have been thinking for the past few months? Start reading from the beginning. Anyone who reads a post here and a post there will in no way fully understand the point of this blog, but a thorough reading will give you insight to who I am and what I want to do. This blog has been working, and I am much farther along today than I was when I started out on this search. I have a resume I am very proud of, I have several cover letters that are far superior to what I was writing before, and most importantly I have made an unbelievable amount of contacts that have given me incredible advice about what I should be doing or who I should talk to. Without this blog, my progress would not be nearly as great. 

I am not a resume, a cover letter, or a college degree. There will always be someone out there who is better than you or me at any and everything we can possibly do. Because of this I decided to create this blog; I knew that it would take me forever to sit on a phone and call a thousand people and tell them I was looking for a job in the finance industry and to see if they had any contacts. So I started a website to reach a thousand people faster, and through this I figured out that I was better and more passionate about something. I created a story that attracts an audience, and people are attracted to stories. I realized very early on that if I could create and maintain an audience through the use of sarcasm, humor, and unrelated topics I would be able to reach more people and in turn make more contacts in marketing. Call me crazy, but isn't this just marketing?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Walking My Blog

After weeks of unpaid (albeit self-imposed) slavery, headaches, frustration, and (more optimistically) self-discovery, I have finally scored an interview. I am obviously pumped about it, but I feel far different about this interview than I have about any interview in the past.

60 second shutter speed of a kaleidescope
laser on my ceiling. Neato.
How do you possibly sell yourself on a job if you don’t want it? I look back to my old interviews and wonder what I was thinking; I truly believe I said and did all the right things and looked the part, but I can look back upon those interviews now and say that I was probably scrambling for answers because they were for jobs I really did not want. Tomorrow I will not be scrambling. How can I? I have written about what I want and why for going on seven weeks now, all the while gaining delightful little insights on the marketing industry and job hunting skills as I have meandered along this path. I feel infinitely more confident about an interview, and I also know what I want out of this situation.

Optimistic? Yes. Realistic? As usual. I realize that this interview can go a number of directions, but having someone call me virtually out of the blue saying they would like to interview me will be just fine with me. Even if I don’t get the job, I hope I can gain something from the interview. Is this the beginning of the end of the blog??? I hope so...I gotta get paid.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Very Serious Post

From all I can tell, nothing ever stays the same. As soon as you think you have something figured out, you almost immediately find out that you in fact have no idea. This has been happening to me lately with unreal consistency with the continuance of this search.

Much of my motivation for this renewed job search followed a trip to New York; I hung out with friends and my sister and I was blown away with the lifestyle they live. The people I was around acted like adults and weren't solely concerned with hearing 'Wagon Wheel' played by the band in the bar that night--a lovely change in environment I had not experienced recently. For a multitude of reasons, I really wanted to get there. Somewhere along the way I realized that what I want is a job in marketing, not a city.

To say I am looking for a job in one city across the country would be extremely limiting, especially for someone with the experience (or lack thereof) I have. After speaking with many people and reflecting upon what is most important to me at this stage in my life, I realized that I can only focus on one thing at a time, and right now the most important thing is finding a job. I would love to move to New York and get an internship with an ultra successful ad agency to gain a ton of valuable experience, but unfortunately that is not financially possible (unless this lotto ticket in my pocket tells me otherwise.) So, I move forward with my continually evolving job hunt to better my chances of landing not just a job, but valuable experience in the career I desire.

The next step is focusing on getting that experience. Over the weekend I will be doing research on web design and thinking of ideas to promote a local business through social media. The sooner I can get something tangible (i.e. numbers/data) on my resume, the better chance I will have at landing an internship, part-time job, or full-time job. I will clearly continue to buy lotto tickets as well.

I'll leave the week on this note: the frustrations spawned by a job search are nearly overwhelming at times, but finding friends that are in the same situation currently or recently is a very comforting feeling. I'm not the only one out there doing this. I see my friend Emily Steimel (also on an epic quest for a career job) on occasion in social settings or when I am playing a gig, and we aren't super close friends by any means, but we've connected through speaking about these very frustrations we have in common. Luckily, at the end of the day, we've found that we are just people getting by, living one day at a time, and holding onto the thought that we will look back on this brief period of our lives fondly. One friend said it best in an inspirational message about the harrowing experience of the job search: "It's hard to figure out where we went wrong, but maybe we didn't at all. Maybe this is just how it's supposed to play out."

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I've Never Even Eaten Chipotle

Isn't this video pretty neato? One of my friends (Marc Fisher and here is his pretty dope website) posted this video on his tumblr site. Are we nearing the end of days when it is all about corporations and the bottom line? Excuse me for getting all super deep on you, but aren't humans smarter than the way we've been acting? If history has taught us anything, it is that there is always a better way. This Chipotle ad seems like a microcosm for what is happening right now.

Steve Jobs stated, "As individuals, people are inherently good. I have a somewhat more pessimistic view of people in groups.Ideas like this take a while to really settle in, but I think it is happening. Now apply this to marketing.